Floor Covering distributors offers many benefits to floor covering retailers. This model can further be improved by integration of information systems and supply chains. Strong process interdependencies have rendered functional silo approach inefficient and error-prone. Decisions in any one area have a significant impact on the others. inFloor© solutions for distributors provides integrated solutions that enable distributor and retailers of all sizes to build strong relationship with their distribution channels.

Gain Valuable Insight by integrating your supply chain upstream and downstream with your customer and make smarter decisions in planning, pricing, forecasting, merchandising.
Optimise Operations - Align every aspect of the business to gain efficiencies and economies and align KPIs to eliminate strategic conflicts while supporting customer priorities.
Connected Interactions - Provide a differentiated customer experience that meets their needs and expectations across all channels and touchpoints.

Only inFloor provides distributors with a complete, open, and integrated software platform to integrate their supply chain downstream with retailers. Our solutions are supported by expert implementation specialists and a strong partner ecosystem all working together to help you drive every aspect of your floor covering business. Our solutions are unmatched in their ability to help distributors grow their relationship with a retailer, regardless of channel or lifecycle stage.