Measuring and Estimating is a core part of the floor covering business sales process and doing it rapidly and precisely is key to good results and profitability. Our inFloor© solution ensures this process is streamlined and yields maximum results. The solution is fully integrated with the Invoicing, Customer Relationship Management and Performance Management solution.

Rapid & Accurate Response - Provide quick and professional estimates to customer requests and formalise the sales process according to our industry best practices.
Personalised Estimates - Provide a differentiated customer experience that meets their needs and expectations across all channels and touchpoints, and at every phase in the customer lifecycle.
Validate Profitability - Gain visibility and control on assuring that every quotes and estimates created provides a predetermined level of profitability for your business.
Integrated Solution - Combined with customer relationship management, our solution assure a sales is never lost due to lack process or follow up.

The inFloor© measuring and estimating solution provide retailers with built in best practices to stream line the process and maximise results. The solution has been built and implemented with floor covering experts who have delivered measurable business value over many decades.

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