More than ever, driving ongoing profitable growth requires Floor Covering Dealers to keep tight control on costs and adopt smarter internal processes to maximize the efficiency of ordering products to keep optimal level of stock. Adopting the right tools to gain control on your Supply Chain is an important way to take a unified approach to managing your Suppliers and Procurement processes. While most Supply Chain Management solutions are expensive, complex and a bad fit for Floor Covering Dealers, the inFloor Supply Chain Management© solution offer an industry specific solution that is easy to use and fully integrated with all inFloor© Software solutions.

Streamlined Procurement Processes - Adopt an Automated and Streamlined process to manage your Suppliers and Procurement process which will reduce ordering and transportation costs and eliminate efficiencies in the end to end procurement process.
Gain Visibility on Ordering and Transportation - With powerful tools provided by the inFloor Supply Chain Management© solution, you will gain valuable insight on orders from your suppliers and achieve full control and significant operational advantages in this important aspect of your business.
Connected Interactions with Suppliers - Collaborate with your Suppliers in a connected and efficient way. In today's fast pace world of emails and mobile communication, your tools need to allow you to communicate efficiently while providing full traceability of interactions between your Staff and Suppliers.

The inFloor Supply Chain Management© solution enables Floor Covering Dealers to gain significant advantages by taking a holistic approach to managing your Suppliers, Orders and Inventory. Important costs savings and operational benefits can results from optimizing your Supply Chain with our inFloor Supply Chain Management© solutions. All of our solutions have been designed with Floor Covering experts who have delivered measurable business value over decades.

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